Essential Pediatric Pulmonology








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Quick Overview

All the chapters have been revised, new information on all the aspects has been incorporated by experts in the field. Contributing authors have revised the chapters to include recent advances. More tables, figures, algorithms, and recent references for further reading have been added. New chapters on COVID-19, whole lung lavage, airway malacias, lung complications in children with congenital heart diseases have been added. Chapters on imaging, airway clearances, and tuberculosis have been extensively updated.

Key Features

  • Covering various aspects of respiratory diseases in children.
  • Multiauthored book, extensively updated by experts.
  • Provides the key details of anatomy and applied physiology. The section on investigations has been expanded to include advanced lab investigations, pulmonary functions, and molecular tests.
  • Common as well as rare infections, include COVID-1 9 infection have been covered in the section on respiratory infections. The section on noninfectious diseases covers various aspects of asthma, sarcoidosis, eosinophilic lung diseases, hydrocarbon aspirations, central hypoventilation, pulmonary hemorrhage, etc.
  • The emerging illnesses such as primary ciliary dyskinesia, cystic fibrosis, interstitial lung diseases, etc. described in detail. These will be useful for India and other resource-limited countries.
  • The section on acute pulmonary care including acute lung injury, mechanical ventilation monitoring and airway clearance technique that may be of immense help to practicing pediatricians who provide care for pediatric respiratory illnesses.
  • Surgical issues that are essential for pediatricians including foreign body aspirations, intrathoracic tumors and malformations have been included.
  • There are chapters on genetics of lung diseases, sudden infant deaths syndrome, drug and environmental diseases of lung.