Mandibular Suction-Effective Denture


Abe / Quintessence

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The mandibular suction-effective denture is a rapidly growing treatment option for edentulous patients. This book describes the background of this effective technique and how it can be used in patients with Angle Class I, II, and III maxillomandibular relationships. The application of the technique in these varying clinical situations is described step-by-step from patient consultation to impression taking, master cast fabrication, and denture tooth setup. Both dentists and dental technicians will benefit from the cases and photographs that provide a clear visual description of each step of the process. With the steps and details described in this book, even those patients with difficult initial situations can benefit from the functional and esthetic results of the mandibular suction-effective denture. Approximately 650 illustrations. Contents: Part 1 Introduction Part 2 Intraoral examination Part 3 Rules for success Part 4 Treating Class I patients Part 5 Treating Class II, division 2 patients Part 6 Treating Class II, division 1 patients Part 7 Treating Class III