Decision Making in Clinical Surgery








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Quick Overview

In this second edition, several of previous chapters have been expanded and updated with current information. In addition, 10 new chapters have been added. Science makes progress and concepts change with time—we must keep up with the information and current thinking. The theme of the book is a simple approach to clinical situations that the junior surgeons or postgraduate students encounter in daily surgical practice. How to approach a medical complaint by the patient or a problem noticed during rounds or a challenge in the operating room?

Key Features

  • Describes orderly decision-making in clinical practice of surgery in the outpatient clinic, hospital ward, or operating room.
  • Explains most cost-effective and expeditious way to manage a given clinical scenario.
  • Provides the pathway for making decisions, be it ordering a test or procedure, urgent or elective.
  • Easy to read, direct simple language, navigating the complex field of medical and surgical challenges.
  • Latest information on diagnostic tests, treatment protocols, and surgical options included in this second edition, while emphasizing the fundamentals of surgical practice.
  • Valuable ready-reference guide for medical students, house physicians, postgraduate students, junior surgeons, and other medical practitioners.