The Musculoskeletal Practitioner's Handbook: An Essential Guide for Clinical Practice








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This new handbook provides a practical, day-to-day reference guide to assist clinicians in assessing and managing the most common musculoskeletal problems they encounter in their practice.

Written by a GP with an extended role in msk medicine and an advanced practice physiotherapist and informed by their combined years of clinical experience, it provides an overview of pathology and guides the reader through assessment, examination, tests and scans, and management.

Easy to follow and use as well as comprehensively referenced and evidence-based, this title will prove indispensable for clinicians across disciplinary boundaries, from First Contact Practitioners and GPs to physiotherapists, nurses and paramedics.

  • Designed to support evidence-based clinical reasoning and decision making
  • Easy to reference summaries of the most common musculoskeletal pathologies encountered in practice
  • Descriptions of diagnostic scans and tests, what they are and when they’re used
  • Detailed sections on relevant anatomy and nerve pathways
  • Principles of management of both regional and systemic musculoskeletal disorders
  • Detailed descriptions of the most common medications used to treat pain
  • Information on blood tests with a quick reference guide to their interpretation
  • A wealth of quick reference appendices for use in every day practice