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Prepare for success on the NCLEX-RN® exam with this complete review! Often called the "the best NCLEX® exam review book ever,” Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN® Examination reviews all nursing content areas related to the current test plan. This new edition includes 5,700 NCLEX exam-style questions in the book and online, including alternate items formats and Next Generation NCLEX questions. Don't make the mistake of assuming the quality of the questions is the same in all NCLEX exam review books, because only this book includes the kinds of questions that consistently test the clinical judgment skills necessary to pass today's NCLEX exam. Even better, all answers include detailed rationales to help you learn from your answer choices as well as test-taking strategies with tips on how to best approach each question. Written by the most trusted names in NCLEX review, Linda Anne Silvestri and Angela Elizabeth Silvestri, this is THE book of choice for NCLEX preparation. But don't just take our word for it - read any customer review or ask your classmates to see why there's nothing else like it!

  • More than 5,700 practice questions in the text and on the Evolve website offer ample testing practice.
  • UNIQUE! Detailed test-taking strategy is included for each question, offering clues for analyzing and uncovering the correct answer option, with rationales provided for both correct and incorrect answers.
  • UNIQUE! Pyramid Points icons indicate important information, identifying content that is likely to appear on the NCLEX-RN® examination.
    • UNIQUE! Pyramid Alerts appear in red text and highlight important nursing concepts, and identify content that typically appears on the NCLEX-RN examination.
      • UNIQUE! Priority Concepts - two in each chapter - discuss important content and nursing interventions, and reflect the latest edition of Giddens' Concepts for Nursing Practice text.
        • UNIQUE! Priority Nursing Action boxes provide information about the steps you will take in clinical situations requiring clinical judgment and prioritization.
          • UNIQUE! Audio review summaries on Evolve cover pharmacology, acid-base balance, and fluids and electrolytes.
          • New graduate's perspective is offeredon how to prepare for the NCLEX-RN, in addition to nonacademic preparation, the CAT format, and test-taking strategies.
          • Mnemonics are included to help you remember important information.
          • Alternate item format questions cover multiple response, prioritizing [ordered response], fill-in-the-blank, figure/illustration [hot spot], chart/exhibit, video, and audio questions.
          • 75-question comprehensive exam in the book covers all content areas in the book in the same percentages that they are covered on the actual NCLEX-RN test plan.
          • Practice questions on Evolve areorganizedby content area, cognitive level, client needs area, integrated process, health problem, clinical judgment, and priority concepts, allowing completely customizable exams or study sessions.
          • NEW! Next Generation NCLEX® (NGN) examination-style questions prepare you for the biggest change to the NCLEX-RN® test plan to date.
          • NEW! Thoroughly updated content incorporates clinical updates and reflects the latest NCLEX-RN test plan.
          • NEW! Clinical Judgment boxes identify clinical judgment situations, each addressing one of the six cognitive skills of the NCSBN Clinical Judgment Measurement Model.
          • NEW! Additional questions cover health problem areas and complex care.
          • NEW! Urinary and Bowel Elimination and Hygiene, Mobility, and Skin Integrity chapters are added to this edition.

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