NMS Q&A Family Medicine



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Designed for third and fourth-year medical students in the family medicine rotation, this title in the National Medical Series contains nearly 500 clinical vignette-based review questions, answers, and explanations. The approach of the text and series overall supports students and residents as they master large amounts of information in a short time and review specific topics quickly. The author balances rigor with clinical relevance and well-explained answers for preparedness on the boards and the wards.

Section I: Urgent Care
Chapter 1 Urgent Care in Family Practice
Section II: Oto-ophthalomolaryngology
Chapter 2 The Oral Cavity in Primary Care
Chapter 3 Otolaryngology in Primary Care
Chapter 4 Pain and Headache Management
Chapter 5 The Eye in Primary Care Section III: Cardiovascular Diseases in Primary Care
Chapter 6 Cardiology
Chapter 7 Peripheral Vascular Disease
Chapter 8 Cerebrovascular Disease
Chapter 9 Pediatric Cardiology
Chapter 10 Hypertension Section IV: Neurology in Primary Care
Chapter 11 Neurology Section V: Respiratory Diseases in Primary Care
Chapter 12 Pneumonia and Bronchitides
Chapter 13 Respiratory Disease in Children Section VI: The Gastrointestinal Tract in Primary Care
Chapter 14 Medical Problems of the GI Tract
Chapter 15 Surgical Issues of the GI Tract
Chapter 16 Problems of the Liver Section VII: Urology and Nephrology in Primary Care
Chapter 17 Problems of the Urinary Tract
Chapter 18 Nephrology
Chapter 19 Urological Problems Unique to Males
Section VIII: Problems Unique to Females in Primary Care
Chapter 20 Problems of the Older Woman
Chapter 21 Gynecology in Mature Adults
Chapter 22 Diseases of the Female Breast Section IX: Musculoskeletal and Rheumatological Diseases in Primary Care
Chapter 23 Musculoskeletal Problems of the Upper Extremities
Chapter 24 Musculoskeletal Problems of the Neck and Back
Chapter 25 Musculoskeletal Problems of the Lower Extremities
Chapter 26 Rheumatology in Primary Care
Chapter 27 Musculoskeltal Problems in Children
Chapter 28 Connective Tissues Diseases
Chapter 29 Sports Medicine Section X: Infectious Diseases in Primary Care
Chapter 30 Acquired Infectious Diseases in Primary Care
Chapter 31 Other Infectious Diseases in Primary Care Section XI: Endocrinology in Primary Care
Chapter 32 Diabetes Mellitus
Chapter 33 Thyroid Diseases
Chapter 34 Adrenal and Parathyroid Glands
Chapter 35 Growth and Development Section XII: Allergies
Chapter 36 Atopic, Food, and Contact Allergies
Section XIII: Preventive Health Care
Chapter 37 Preoperative Clearance
Chapter 38 Obesity and Dyslipidemia
Chapter 39 Smoking Cessation
Chapter 40 Exercise and Health
Chapter 41 Concepts in Epidemiology and Research Methods
Chapter 42 Newborn and Infant Care and Prevention
Chapter 43 Care and Prevention Ages 1-5 Years
Chapter 44 Care and Prevention Ages 6-12 Years
Chapter 45 Care and Prevention Ages 13-20 Years
Chapter 46 Care and Prevention Ages 21-40 Years
Chapter 47 Care and Prevention Ages 41-60 Years
Chapter 48 The Older Adult (Over 65)
Chapter 49 Travel Medicine Section XIV: Behavior and Psychology in Primary Care
Chapter 50 Depression
Chapter 51 Anxiety and Phobias
Chapter 52 Somatic Syndromes without Organic Basis Section XV: Miscellaneous Areas of Clinical Practice
Chapter 53 Dermatology
Chapter 54 Geriatrics
Chapter 55 Hematology in Primary Care
Chapter 56 Drug Interactions, Cavets, and Primary Care