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Lippincott® Connect Featured Title

Purchase the new print edition of thisLippincott® Connecttitle includes access to the digital version of the book, plus related materials such as videos and multiple-choice Q&A and self-assessments.

Now in a portable pocket-sized format packed with high-yield information, updates, and revisions that reflect the current practice of surgery,NMS Surgery,Seventh Edition, is an ideal guide for effective study and review. The new edition retains the elements that have made it a dependable, go-to resource for a generation of medical students and a quick review resource for practitioners preparing for recertification.

​Featuring new study aids, full-color illustrations, concise, high-yield coverage, and USMLE-format questions, the new edition helps students successfully complete their clerkship and prepare for the shelf/end-of-rotation exam. In addition, this valuable resource is packaged with access to the interactive eBook version with an online quiz bank at no additional cost.

  • Compact and portable—easily fits into a lab coat for quick, high-yield review.
  • A standardized at-a-glance outline format makes it easy to navigate from chapter to chapter when reviewing for the rotation shelf exam.
  • More carefully integrated features, including Chapter Cuts (approach to disease), Quick Cuts (pearls), and Critical Surgical Associations, facilitate different levels of topic review.
  • New Trusted Sources boxes highlight the best, most trusted resources for surgical guidelines to further clinical knowledge.
  • A new Cut to Casebook feature provides handy cross-referencing to cases in the NMS Surgery Casebook, 3rd Edition.

Lippincott® Connect features: 

  • Full access to the digital version of the book with the ability to highlight and take notes on key passages for a more personal, efficient study experience. 
  • Carefully curated resources, such as interactive diagrams, audio and video tutorials, and self-assessment, all designed to facilitate further comprehension. 

Lippincott® Connect also allows users to create Study Collections to further personalize the study experience. With Study Collections you can: 

  • Pool content from books across your entire library into self-created Study Collections based on discipline, procedure, organ, concept or other topics. 
  • Display related text passages, video clips and self-assessment questions from each book (if available) for efficient absorption of material. 
  • Annotate and highlight key content for easy access later. 
  • Navigate seamlessly between book chapters, sections, self-assessments, notes and highlights in a single view/page.