Decision Making in Cardiology: An Algorithmic Approach





Sarkar/ Jaypee



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Quick Overview

This book Decision Making in Cardiology: An Algorithmic Approach will appeal to a wide audience of cardiologists, practicing physicians, teachers, and students, who are used to caring patients with cardiac problem.

Key Features

  • This is essentially a book on decision-making in cardiology in an algorithm form.
  • The book presents a selection over 16 sections. Each section contains a theme. Under the umbrella of the themes, there are 77 chapters.
  • Each chapter describes decision-making algorithm on how to diagnose a disease and how to formulate the management.
  • There are chapters on common cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, ischemic heart disease, dyslipidemia, heart failure, atrial fibrillation, infective and inflammatory diseases of heart.
  • There are also chapters on unique subjects such as primary electrical abnormality, sudden cardiac death, cardio-oncology, geriatric cardiology, and sport cardiology.
  • First section is on artificial intelligence, which is going to rule every field of science and technology in the coming decades.
  • All the theories and information provided in the book are based on updated guidelines and studies.
  • And everything is expressed in a nice, simple, understandable, crisp language-algorithm.