*Pickard's Guide to Minimally Invasive Operative Dentistry


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  • A well-loved and essential dentistry text, this is ideal for use across dentistry and oral professional courses, from the beginning undergraduate to graduate level
  • A unique blend of core dental science and practical skills
  • Operative procedures are clearly demonstrated through step-by-step image sequences
  • Questions throughout chapters, with end of chapter answers, allow readers to check their understanding as they progress
  • Clinical tips appear throughout the text to bring theory to life

New to this edition

  • A focus on maintaining existing restorations and follow up/long term care.
  • New Chapter on 'Principles of managing the badly broken down tooth'
  • QR codes aid navigation to further reading sources

An ideal introduction to the theory and practical aspects of conservative dentistry, the tenth edition of Pickards' Guide to Minimally Invasive Operative Dentistry is a must-have text for all dental students, new graduates and oral healthcare professionals alike. Written in an easy to understand and concise style, the authors introduce the essentials of dental disease before outlining how to collect patient information clinically in order to detect, diagnose, plan and deliver care.

Exploring key topics such as disease prevention and control, the principles of minimally invasive operative dentistry, contemporary restorative materials and procedures, this completely up-to-date revised edition integrates a thorough academic grounding for degree examination with an essential preparation for clinical practice for the whole oral healthcare team. Illustrated with step-by-step colour photos, common clinical procedures are clearly set out and labelled for beginners to learn. The tenth edition has been updated to reflect the latest evidence based guidelines for preventitative management and there is a focus on maintaining existing restorations and follow up/long term care.

1: Dental hard tissue pathologies: aetiology and clinical manifestations
2: Clinical detection: 'information gathering'
3: Diagnosis, prognosis, care planning: 'information processing'
4: Disease control and lesion prevention
5: The essentials of minimally invasive operative dentistry
6: Principles of managing the badly broken down tooth
7: Restorative materials and their relationship with tooth structure
8: Clinical operative procedures - a step-by-step guide
9: The long term management of direct restorations