Handbook of Fungal Infections





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Quick Overview

The purpose of writing this handbook is to help family physicians, consultant physicians, and postgraduate students of dermatology better understand epidemiology, clinical presentations, and management of dermatophytosis. Experienced and expert authors have contributed chapters in this book. This reader-friendly handbook contains several clinical images and tables for easy understanding of the topic.

Key Features

  • The Handbook of Fungal Infections is easy-to-read reference book for family physicians.
  • The handbook covers chapters on current epidemiology of dermatophytosis in India along with clinical presentations, misuse of topical corticosteroids in tinea infections, pharmacology of antifungal drugs, and guideline for treatment of fungal infections commonly encountered by family physicians in their clinical practice.
  • The chapters included in the book are written by experts from different parts of the country
  • The book contains several images of different tinea infections seen in patients
  • Simple language, tables, and flowcharts are included to make the handbook reader friendly.