Illustrated Periodontal Microsurgery: Advanced Technique Soft Tissue Management for the Ultimate Esthetic Result





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Over thirty years have passed since the advent of periodontal microsurgery. In that time, techniques have been developed and refined, leading to ever higher levels of esthetic success and patient satisfaction. Now arriving a decade after the launch of the author’s first book on basic periodontal microsurgery, this highly practical surgical text offers sound advice on advanced microsurgical techniques for soft tissue management with end results in mind. Detailed illustrations and photographs, along with the author’s own postprocedural notes and evaluations for each case, guide the reader to an enhanced understanding of how to achieve the desirable esthetic results patients demand. Covered concepts include soft tissue and alveolar ridge evaluation and diagnosis; the basics of periodontal microsurgery, including incisions, flaps, and suturing; root coverage; alveolar ridge augmentation; postprosthetic treatment; papilla reconstruction; soft tissue management following implant placement; and more. Don’t miss this opportunity to refine your performance of advanced techniques leading to esthetic results that will delight your patients. 84 Illustrations. Contents: 1. Diagnosis; 2. Basics of Incision, Flapping, Suturing; 3. Clinical Application: Natural Teeth; 4. Clinical Approach: Implant