Fractures of the Hand and Carpus: FESSH 2018 Instructional Course Book

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Hand fractures account for millions of emergency room visits annually. The extraordinary importance of the hand in so many activities of daily living necessitates inordinate surgical competence in repairing fractures, in order to preserve the vast range of motion and functionality of this highly complex structure.

Key Features:

  • General overview chapters covering anatomy, epidemiology, fixation types, role of arthroscopy, and strategies for compound hand injuries (soft tissue, flaps, etc.)
  • Contributions from a large number of renowned subspecialists
  • Hand fractures in special patient groups: athletes, musicians, patients with a paralytic extremity
  • Specific chapters covering the full range of fracture types and locations, including diaphyseal and intra-articular fractures of the phalanges and metacarpals, bony avulsions, fracture dislocations, and carpal bone fractures
  • Complications and their treatment: infection, malunion, hardware failures, and more
  • Evidence-based treatment suggestions, with the goal of restoring anatomic alignment and functional range of motion
  • Hundreds of high-quality radiographs and color photographs

Ideal for all orthopaedic and plastic surgeons in training, and of benefit to experienced surgeons as well, Fractures of the Hand and Carpus is a complete introduction to evidence-based techniques in hand surgery.