LexiComp Pediatric & Neonatal Dosage Handbook (2023-2024)





Taketomo/ Lexi-Comp/Wolters Kluwer



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The Lexicomp Pediatric & Neonatal Dosage Handbook, 30th edition, includes more than 1,300 drug monographs featuring concise fields of information specific to neonates and children. It follows a convenient, dictionary-like format, with drug products alphabetically organized and cross-referenced by U.S. and Canadian brand names.

Clear, concise and relevant Lexicomp drug information is supplemented by an extensive Appendix of comparative charts, tables and supportive information, as well as a Therapeutic Category & Key Word Index.


  • 1,317 Drug Monographs
  • Up to 35 Fields of Information per Monograph
  • More than 150 Extemporaneous Preparation Recipes
  • More than 100 Pages of Appendix Information

Updates to this Edition

  • 50 New Drug Monographs
  • Updates to Hundreds of Existing Monographs, Including Updates Based on New Guideline Recommendations
  • Updated Appendix Topics:
    • Comparison of Representative Topical Corticosteroid Preparations (Classified According to the United States System)
    • Normal Pediatric Heart Rates
    • Multivitamin Product Table
    • Ideal Body Weight Calculation
    • Relative Infant Dose
    • Carbohydrate Content of Medications
    • Oral Medications That Should Not Be Crushed or Altered