*Local Anesthesia for Dental Professionals with Online Access



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Local Anesthesia for Dental Professionals is designed to meet the requirements of comprehensive courses in local anesthesia for both dental hygiene and dental programs. It includes extensive ancillary student and instructor resources including clearly stated objectives for each chapter, easy-to-reference tables, relevant case studies, question and answer banks, and laboratory skill assessments. In addition to separate chapters on topical anesthetics, dose considerations, inadequate anesthesia, specialty factors, and anatomic factors, this text includes troubleshooting factors and considerations specific to each technique.

Table of Contents
Section I - Pain Control Concepts
Chapter 1 - Local Anesthesia in Dentistry: Past to Present
Chapter 2 - Fundamentals of Pain Management
Chapter 3 -The Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology of Pain Control
Section II - Pharmacology of Local Anesthetic Pain Control
Chapter 4 - Pharmacology Basics
Chapter 5 - Dental Local Anesthetic Drugs
Chapter 6 - Vasoconstrictors in Dentistry
Chapter 7 - Dose Calculations for Local Anesthetic Drugs
Chapter 8 - Pharmacology of Topical Anesthetics
Section III - Injection Fundamentals
Chapter 9 - Local Anesthetic Delivery Devices
Appendix 1 - OSHA/CDC Sharps protocols
Chapter 10 - Patient Assessment for Local Anaesthesia
Chapter 11 - Fundamentals for Administration of Local Anesthetic Agents
Section IV - Clinical Administration of Local Anesthesia
Section Appendix: Anatomy Review - Introduction to Chapters 12-15
Chapter 12 - Injections for Maxillary Pain Control
Chapter 13 - Injections for Palatal Pain Control
Chapter 14 - Injections for Mandibular Pain Control
Chapter 15 - Supplemental Injection Techniques
Chapter 16 - Troubleshooting Inadequate Anesthesia
Chapter 17 - Local Anesthesia Complications and Management
Section V - Special Considerations for Local Anesthesia
Chapter 18 - Insights for the Fearful Patient Final Draft Posted
Chapter 19 - Insights from Oral Surgery
Chapter 20 - Insights from Pedodontics
Chapter 21 - Insights from Other Specialties