*Chest X-Ray Made Easy








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Chest X-Ray Made Easy (IE)
Chest X-Ray Made Easy (IE)
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紙本+電子書(Enhanced Digital Version Included)

This invaluable little pocketbook takes the reader through the basics of chest X-ray examination and interpretation. It covers the range of conditions clinicians are likely to encounter on the wards, and guides the reader through the diagnostic process based on the appearance of the abnormality shown.

Suitable for medical students, junior doctors and other health professionals who interpret chest X-rays, including radiographers, nurses and physiotherapists, this text is the ideal solution to increasing your skills and boosting your confidence in using chest X-rays for diagnosis and management.

Chest X-Ray Made Easy has garnered international praise as the ideal quick and simple guide to understanding chest X-rays.

  • Concise and succinct - makes interpretation of chest X-rays as simple as possible

  • Comprehensive but easy to understand

  • Specifically designed for junior doctors and students

  • New chapter on what and when to request, and how to do that

  • New images throughout, including obvious and subtle examples of abnormalities

  • Includes CT images and how they correlate with chest X-rays

  • Sections on radiation doses and indications for chest X-rays

  • Sections on chest X-ray appearances in COVID-19

  • Updated section on imaging in pregnancy

  • Features interpretation of placement of lines, tubes, and of complications

  • Quiz section to test knowledge

  • Established title that is trusted internationally