Basic Concepts in Pharmacology: What You Need to Know for Each Drug Class







2022/ 6

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The up-to-date content and proven study techniques you need to pass one of the most difficult courses in medical school 

Presented in a style that makes learning and retaining key information effortless,Basic Concepts in Pharmacologyclearly explains each fundamental principal of drug actions. This updated edition includes the popular Trivia Sorter, which helps you understand the mechanism of action for the class of drugs and its side effects; consider if the drug is for a disorder or symptom; determine the unique features of single drugs in this class; and know the side effects and drug interactions of the class of drugs. 

Walking you through the learning process in a way that helps you master each concept before moving on to the next,Basic Concepts in Pharmacologyencourages you to organize and condense the drug information you must remember; review key information, which is conveniently presented in boxes, tables, and illustrations; and identify the most important drugs in each class.


•  640 photos and illustrations

•  Includes study techniques not found in any other such resources

•  Key information presented in boxes, illustrations and tables