Essentials of Anesthesia & Critical Care








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Quick Overview

In the updated second edition of Essentials of Anesthesia and Critical Care, we have refined our content to align with the National Medical Commission’s latest competency-based curriculum. This indispensable guide, crucial for MBBS students and postgraduates alike, facilitates thorough exam preparation across a range of professional exams, including PGME, USMLE, and PLAB. Crafted in simple language with an accessible format, and enriched by substantial contributions from renowned anesthesia faculty across India. This edition is a comprehensive resource for in-depth and current anesthesia knowledge.

Key Features

  • Compliance with the Latest Curriculum: Fully updated to cover the competency-based curriculum by the National Medical Commission.
  • Incorporation of AHA 2020 Guidelines: Reflecting the latest standards in CPR and emergency care.
  • New Chapters and Content Areas: Including emerging topics and advancements in the field.
  • Essential for Exam Preparation: Ideal for last-minute reviews and comprehensive exam readiness.
  • Enhanced Learning Tools: Updated diagrams, tables, flowcharts, and mnemonics for better understanding and retention.
  • Integration of Practice Questions: Questions on the pattern of NEET and USMLE exams have been incorporated at the end for self-assessment and exam preparation.
  • Key Points and Facts: Highlighted in separate boxes for quick reference and deeper insights.
  • Last minute Essentials: Key points crucial for examination, often queried in tests, are summarized at the conclusion of each chapter for efficient last-minute study.