Optimizing Orthognathic Surgery: Diagnosis,Planning,Procedures








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A comprehensive guide to interdisciplinary treatment approaches for dysgnathia correction based on considerations of both orofacial function and facial esthetics. Written by international experts with over 30 years of surgical experience, this book shares valuable insights gained through close collaboration with orthodontists, dental practitioners, prosthodontists, ENT specialists, speech therapists, and more. The integration of intraoral distraction surgery into orthognathic procedures is explored with a special focus on severe cases. The wealth of treatment strategies and solutions presented within these pages will navigate readers through the intricate pathways of managing complex craniofacial malformations.Step-by-step guide for documentation, diagnosis, and planning of orthognathic surgical proceduresComprehensive methods and techniques for dysgnathia correctionIdentifying potential dangers and limitationsIndications for interdisciplinary treatment planningEffective treatment sequences and surgical planningDescriptions of analog and digital approachesStrategies for choosing between the maxilla and mandible first approachesPractical tips and tricks for successful outcomesBalancing function and esthetics in treatment strategiesIn-depth case reports highlighting complex scenariosLong-term results and their significance in treatment evaluationThis invaluable resource serves as an unwavering compass for the treatment of both simple and complex craniofacial malformations, guiding practitioners on their surgical journey, providing the knowledge, techniques, and insights needed to deliver exceptional patient care and achieve outstanding surgical outcomes.