The Infertility Manual








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Quick Overview

The Infertility Manual has offered an accurate and hands on practical guide for the management of infertility while also serving as a reference manual for students, clinicians and embryologists. The authors contributing to The Infertility Manual were all selected for their special expertise in their subject and their ability to explain its significance in an effective and lucid way. In this fifth Edition, the authors have done a meticulous survey of the current literature and have amalgamated it with their rich experience to bring out this comprehensive textbook.

Key Features

  • By professionals in the field of Reproductive Medicine.
  • Covers important aspects of Reproductive Medicine.
  • Ready reckoner before examinations.
  • Simple and precise.
  • Tables and flowcharts for quick reference.
  • Novel chapters like—Molecular Mechanisms: Endometrial receptivity and implantation, Role of USG in infertility; Current Trends: Polscopy, Embryoscope, Assisted hatching, Recent advances in ART, Embryology instruments. It also covers new topics such as newer methods in ovarian stimulation, Role of environmental factors in sperm damage, Immunology in infertility, and Sperm function tests.