Evolution: Contemporary Protocols for Anterior Single-tooth Implants


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The evolution of implant treatment concepts, protocols, technology, and materials pushes the boundaries of what is possible, and this book sits at the forefront of innovation in implant therapy. Written by two master clinicians and lavishly illustrated and presented in a unique visual style, this book charts new paths for the treatment of single-tooth dental implants in the esthetic zone. The authors present advanced implant protocols step-by-step, in a comic-strip fashion, and provide meaningful guidance on the surgical and restorative details that are key to optimum esthetics, including implant hard and soft tissue integration, implant selection, implant placement principles, soft tissue esthetics, minimally invasive surgical procedures, and optimized restorative protocols. Research sections included throughout the book also provide concise overviews of up-to-date scientific evidence on essential implant topics. This book is the definitive illustrative guide to mastering anterior single-implant therapy.