Textbook of Absorbable Thread Lifting



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Authors wrote this book to be a cornerstone of absorbable thread lifting, which has the potential to develop as an area of academic interest both in Korea and worldwide. Although writing this book took more time and effort than expected, in retrospect, there is still much room for improvement. We have also experienced a great amount of change and improvement in these 2 years, but we consider this a beginning and plan to further supplement and enhance this content in the future.This book aims to describe a general, objective technique that can be used by anyone to produce similar results, rather than the individual experiences and techniques of the authors. Depending on the surgeon's skill, it is also possible to use only monofilament thread, and in the future, as we gain more experience, we will include an explanation of a method that also uses cog thread at a level that is suited to novices and experts alike. Above all, we aimed to discuss various real clinical cases, in order to help readers familiarize the technique in practice.