*Evidence-Based Learning Strategies for Student Pharmacists





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Using effective, evidence-based learning strategies while studying can make all the difference in your academic success. This book, which draws from Dr. Culhane’s experience as an academic coach and faculty member, will teach you how to use the latest evidence-based learning strategies and best practices to enhance your learning and your performance in courses.

This is the only text on the market that teaches a step-by-step process incorporating evidence-based learning strategies like retrieval practice, spacing, interleaving and dual coding for use in day-to-day learning. The examples in this book are pharmacy education focused and deal with subjects that pharmacy students are familiar with including biochemistry, physiology, therapeutics, and pharmacology. The book is uniquely positioned to help students develop the meta-skills that they need to be more independent, effective learners.

Dr. Culhane is a Professor and Assistant Dean for Student Academic Success Programs at the Notre Dame of Maryland University School of Pharmacy. He received his PhD in Pharmacology and Toxicology from the West Virginia University School of Medicine.


Applies evidence-based learning strategies to studying habits to teach students to improve their academic performance by:

  • Identifying and avoiding barriers to academic success including learning illusions and procrastination
  • Metacognition development
  • Emphasizing the importance of using exam-wrappers to analyze exam performance
  • Enhancing productivity