Practical Orthopedics: Biological Options and Simpler Techniques for Common Disorders (ISE)








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Quick Overview

This book contains collective expertise of the author regarding the care and treatment of common orthopedic disorders, with moderate infrastructure facilities available in most of the hospitals in the Indian subcontinent. The information is provided about basic pathology, clinical features, diagnostic methodologies and treatment options. The text is richly supplemented by illustrations for better understanding. Affordable and effective treatment options are described keeping in view the societal preconditions, in many parts of the world.

Key Features

  • The book talks about Biological Options and Simpler Techniques for Common Disorders for the entire spectrum of Orthopedics.
  • This wonderful book also has an Atlas of rare disorders with key features for the students to identify as they keep evolving as an orthopedic surgeon.
  • Many new images have been added in all the chapters.
  • Provides credible, accessible, and affordable options for common orthopedic disorders.