ABC of Medical Law


Corfield / BMJ
2009 / 1

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An understanding of medical law is increasingly important for all health professionals and this new ABC provides a basic introduction to the legal issues faced in health care that is accessible to anyone without any legal knowledge. The ABC of Medical Law provides ideal guidance to the practicing physician - covering just what you need to know without becoming embroiled in complicated legal discussion.
The ABC of Medical Law has up-to-date coverage of the legal issues to be found in daily medical practice, including confidentiality, research, consent, negligence, organ donation and human rights, as well as more contentious issues such as tissue retention and withholding/withdrawing treatment. Well illustrated and presented in a user-friendly format, chapters include summaries and cases to help clarify the points made.

Written by practising clinicians with expertise in medical law and a medical barrister, the ABC of Medical Law will help keep a practice within the constraints of the law and is ideal for GPs, junior doctors and medical students, and anyone wanting to understand the broad basics of medical law.

1. Introduction.
Ingrid Granne, Lorraine Corfield.
2. Consent in adults.
Ingrid Granne, Lorraine Corfield.
3. Consent in children.
Ingrid Granne, Lorraine Corfield.
4. Refusal of medical treatment.
Lorraine Corfield, Ingrid Granne.
5. Negligence: the duty of care.
Ingrid Granne, Lorraine Corfield.
6. Negligence: the legal standard of care.
Lorraine Corfield, Ingrid Granne.
7. Negligence: causation.
Lorraine Corfield, Ingrid Granne.
8. Confidentiality.
Lorraine Corfield, Ingrid Granne.
9. Withholding and withdrawing life sustaining treatment.
Lorraine Corfield, Ingrid Granne.
10. Research.
Lorraine Corfield, Ruth Wilkinson, Ingrid Granne.
11. Organ transplantation, organ retention and post-mortem examinations.
Ruth Wilkinson, Lorraine Corfield, Ingrid Granne.
12. The healthcare professional and the human rights act.
Ingrid Granne, Lorraine Corfield.