*Varney's Midwifery





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2024 / 7

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Varney's Midwifery continues to be the gold standard for midwifery practice in an updated seventh edition. New lead editors assembled a team of expert contributors and authors to continue the legacy of Varney's Midwifery as the trusted, must-have resource for students, professional midwives, and women's health practitioners. Varney's Midwifery uses current evidence-based guidelines to address the care of individuals throughout the lifespan, including primary care, gynecology, perinatal care in a variety of settings, and newborn care. The Seventh Edition reflects the new ACNM Core Competencies for Basic Midwifery Practice published in 2020, including care of transgender individuals and abortion-related care. It also provides updated information on promotion of health equity, new techniques for fetal screening, diagnosis across the lifespan, and chronic conditions in pregnancy.