Autism Spectrum Disorders


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Autism Spectrum Disorders serves as an essential guide and concise, focused introduction to the progress and promise of autism research and evidence-based and targeted treatments. Since the initial descriptions by Kanner and Asperger more than 75 years ago of what are now recognized as the autism spectrum disorders, understanding of the neurobiological, psychosocial, and genetic aspects of these disorders has changed radically. The editors have assembled a formidable roster of experts on autism spectrum disorders, as well as on genetics, epidemiology, environmental toxicity, occupational therapy, and other fields that contribute to our understanding of the etiology and treatment of these complex disorders, to create a book that is cutting edge, yet accessible enough to be suitable for families as well as for clinicians.

The book s emphasis on types of assessment, genetic testing and counseling, and medical and psychological treatment will be exceedingly useful to health care providers navigating the new diagnostic criteria introduced in DSM-5, and to parents plotting a course for their child's care. Well-written, authoritative, and evidence-based, Autism Spectrum Disorders fills a void in the literature and meets the needs of a growing audience.