Clinical Genomics: Practical Considerations for Adult Patient Care



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The first book on the clinical application of genetics in primary care medicine

  • Market: Internal medicine clinicians (100,000) internal medicine residents (9,000), medical genetics (2,500), genetic counselors (1,000)
  • Endorsed by the American College of Physicians

About the Book

Convert the latest genomic data to the most effective patient management and treatment approaches

Clinical Genomics helps healthcare providers translate the vast amount of new genomic data into successful clinical application. It is a comprehensive textbook and practical guide to the use of this information across a broad spectrum of adult diseases – from individual differences in drug responses, cardiac and cancer risks to Alzheimer's and other neurological and psychiatric disorders.

While traditional textbooks on medical genetics focus on classic Mendelian disorders, Clinical Genomics discusses the everyday application of genetic assessment and the diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive implications to the most common adult diseases that healthcare providers encounter. Covering approximately 200 conditions, it is a true clinical text for use across all of internal medicine.

Coverage of each condition is presented in a consistent, clinically relevant manner and includes:

  • Key Points
  • Diagnostic Criteria and Clinical Characteristics
  • Screening and C ounseling
  • Management and Treatment
  • Molecular Genetics and Molecular Mechanism
  • Supplementary Information

More than ten valuable appendices, include Genetic Privacy; Race, Ancestry, and Genetics; Personalized Medicine in Clinical Practice; Clinical Interpretation of Genomic Data; and Genetic Risk Profiling in the Genomics Era.

Clinical Genomics is essential for internists, primary care physicians, and other healthcare providers who wish to increase their knowledge of the gene-and-protein level care of patients in a clinical setting.

Key Features

  • Covers practical, every-day clinical issues for generalist physicians
  • Includes suitable coverage of genetics science, written simply for the generalist physician audience
  • World-class author team of heavy weights in genetics, genomics, and clinical medicine
  • Includes the endorsement of the American College of Physicians, the largest specialty-specific physician group in the world.
  • Addresses the genetic basis of common chronic diseases, not just the classic diseases of dysmorphology
  • Presents all known, testable polymorphisms (“normal” DNA variations) that influence the course, diagnosis, and outcome of human diseases
  • Covers genetic and genomic-related testing and therapeutics
  • Includes summaries of the evidence, and clinical guidelines, for genetics and genomics in every day patient management