Notes in Urgent Care: A Course Companion and Practical Guide








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紙本+全文電子書(Enhanced Digital Version Included)

The multidisciplinary sub-specialty of Urgent Medical Care plays an increasingly important role in meeting the growing demands on the NHS. This is the first and only book in the UK specifically designed for clinicians preparing for urgent care postgraduate qualifications.

Notes in Urgent Care brings together guidance, research and relevant clinical material in an easily accessible format. It addresses both management (operational and organisational) and clinical areas including emergency, time-critical conditions and symptom-related presentations.

Written by Dr Martin McGrath, a General Practitioner, Honorary Professor, urgent care clinician and clinical director of one of the country’s largest primary care networks, this book will be useful for all clinicians working in urgent, unscheduled, remote and rural environments.

  • Suitable as a study aid for the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh’s Diploma in Urgent Medical Care

  • Clinical information condensed into a concise, easily accessible and relevant format

  • Urgent conditions broken down by specialty

  • Useful tips for working in urgent medical care systems, using technology, risk management and human factors