Lecture Notes: Oncology

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ISBN/ 9781118842096
作者/出版商 Bower/Wiley-Blackwell
出版年代/版次 2015/ 3

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Cancer is one of the most exciting specialties in medicine. This book aspires to convey the authors’ enthusiasm for oncology and this new edition of Oncology Lecture Notes is a must for students and trainees.

There has been a revolution in the practice of oncology. The changes are due to amazing advances in basic science, and the development of new drugs and successful immunisation programmes that have followed. Cancer death rates have fallen and this is in part due to radical new treatments, effective screening programmes, and also, as a result of popular movements for change in patient care, and decreased exposure to carcinogens. 

Completely revised and updated, this new edition of Oncology Lecture Notes describes advances in molecular biology research and highlights the importance of patient perspectives in cancer care. The text includes many new figures and tables, an update of molecular biology and highlights new treatments. With learning objectives and key point summaries in each chapter, Oncology Lecture Notes is an ideal introduction to the biological basis and principles of treatment in oncology.