Practical Cardiotocography





Debdas/ Jaypee



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Quick Overview

This fully revised fourth edition is all yours. Nothing very remarkable has happened since the third edition apart from its greater acceptance by the profession despite its shortcomings. It’s easy, instant applicability and objectivity are unparalleled.

Key Features

  • Cardiotocography (CTG) seems to have stood the test of time-64 long years of active clinical use and still an ever-increasing number of users and manufacturers.
  • The need for CTG is varied and so many—physiological, technical, clinical, social, medicolegal, professional, etc.
  • The struck objectivity and simplicity of vibroacoustic stimulation test (VAST) by CTG is to be seen to believe. Even a nurse can interpret it.
  • CTG begins where biophysical profile (BPP) and Doppler end.
  • CTG is needed before and after fetal blood sampling (FBS) and pulse oximetry tests.
  • CTG is a must for scientific fetal care.
  • The problem of interpretation of CTG traces, through 50 case studies, this book has made CTG interpretation infinitely easy even for a junior doctor.