Fields Virology Vol.2: DNA Viruses








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Fields Virology Vol.3: RNA Viruses
Fields Virology Vol.3: RNA Viruses
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*Fields Virology Vol.1: Emerging Viruses
*Fields Virology Vol.1: Emerging Viruses
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Now in four convenient volumes, Field’s Virology remains the most authoritative reference in this fast-changing field, providing definitive coverage of virology, including virus biology as well as replication and medical aspects of specific virus families. This volume of Field’s Virology: DNA Viruses, Seventh Edition covers the latest information on DNA viruses, how they cause disease, including cancer, how they persist in the body in a latent form, reactivate and spread, new therapeutics and vaccine approaches, as provided in new or extensively revised chapters that reflect these advances in this dynamic field. 

Bundled with the eBook, which will be updated regularly as new information about each virus is available, this text serves as the authoritative, up-to-date reference book for virologists, infectious disease specialists, microbiologists, and physicians, as well as medical students pursuing a career in infectious diseases. 

  • Covers both basic science and medical features of each virus, emphasizing viruses of medical importance and interest, while also including other viruses in specific cases where more is known about their mechanisms of replication or pathogenesis.  
  • Covers viruses that cause human cancer such as human papillomaviruses (HPV), Epstein Barr Virus, the Merkel Cell Polyomavirus and hepatitis B virus, and viruses like the herpesviruses that persist in a latent form and can reactivate and cause acute and/or chronic disease. 
  • Features more than 400 full-color illustrations, including key figures for use as lecture slides. 
  • Provides quick, flexible access to current information both in print and in an improved eBook format. 
  • Discusses virus structure, virus entry, replication, and assembly, virus-host cell interactions, host immune responses and vaccines, antiviral therapeutics, viral persistence and latency and viruses as tools for gene therapy and vectors for vaccination.  

New and forthcoming Field’s Virology volumes, available in print and eBook format: 

• Emerging Viruses 

• DNA Viruses 

• RNA Viruses 

• Fundamental Viruses 

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