Snell's Clinical Neuroanatomy








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Approachable in detail and rich with dynamic illustrations, Snell’s Clinical Neuroanatomy, 9th Edition, is your complete, clinically oriented introduction to neuroanatomy. This easy-to-use text is organized classically by body system, introducing basic components of the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system before moving on to more complex functions.

This revised and enhanced 9th Edition reflects the latest clinical approaches to neuroanatomy structures and reinforces concepts with enhanced illustrations, diagnostic images, and surface anatomy photographs. Each chapter begins with clear objectives and a clinical case for a practical introduction to key concepts. Throughout the text, Clinical Notes highlight important clinical considerations. Chapters end with bulleted key concepts, along with clinical problem solving cases and review questions that test students’ comprehension and ensure preparation for clinical application.

  • UPDATED with new, enhanced images, a Color Atlas of Brain presents multiple views of the brain in one place for fast reference and review. 
  • NEW! Coverage of nucleus accumbens strengthens students’ clinical understanding of the motivators behind addiction.  
  • Clinical Cases open each chapter with an emphasis on practical applications of key content. 
  • Clinical Notes highlight relevant conditions, surgeries, physical exams to streamline clinical practice. 
  • Full-color illustrations, diagrams, and photographs clarify complex concepts and structures with vibrant detail.