Forensic Psychiatry








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This Second Edition ofForensic Psychiatrycovers the clinical, legal, and ethical issues for the treatment of mentally disordered offenders for all of the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland jurisdictions. Written by an expert interdisciplinary team from the fields of both law and psychiatry, this is a comprehensive and up-to-date guide which includes clinical observations, guidance, and ethical advice across the psychiatric discipline.

The title has been updated with expanded topics on developmental disorders, neuroscience and its use in legal settings, human rights law, dementia, and traumatic brain injury. New legal cases have also been incorporated to reflect changes in legislation, including but not limited to diminished responsibility, deprivation of liberty, and automatism. There are also new parts on forensic psychotherapy, cross-cultural diagnostic validity, and radicalisation.

Alongside practical advice on managing clinical and legal situations, the handbook provides concise examples, summaries of relevant legislation, and introductions to different ethical approaches and clinical observations. Uniquely focusing on the interface between psychiatry and law, this title is essential reading for the forensic psychiatrist, as well as lawyers and judges.