Ultrasound Evaluation of Peripheral Nerves and Focal Neuropathies: Correlation with Electrodiagnosis








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This thoroughly updated and expanded second edition continues to be the singular reference for comprehensive clinical instruction in the use of high-frequency ultrasound for assessing peripheral nerves and their disorders, particularly focal neuropathies. Revised to integrate current advances in the field, new applications, and next-generation equipment, this top of the line text uses a "how-to" approach to describe clinical evaluation, inclusive of both normal and pathological findings with discussions of relevant non-neurologic tissue.

The book begins with a review in ultrasound physics, instrumentation, image optimization, and anatomy before presenting a highly visual tour through multiple nerves of the neck, shoulder, and upper and lower limbs with new chapters on the evaluation of muscle and ultrasound guided principles. Anatomical chapters have been substantially updated to feature additional nerves and advanced concepts with updated drawings and unprecedented visualization of smaller nerve segments captured by cutting-edge equipment. Chapters include clinical cases unique to this edition that demonstrate the use of ultrasound in conjunction with clinical and electrophysiologic assessment to optimize diagnosis. In-text video callouts directly connect chapter content to over 430 detailed video examinations accessible online to better facilitate understanding of the ultrasound image.

The definitive reference on peripheral nerve ultrasound and focal neuropathies, this practical text and atlas is the prime resource for neurologists, physiatrists, radiologists, sports medicine physicians, and other providers seeking to combine ultrasound with electrodiagnosis for entrapments of the upper and lower limbs.

Key Features:

  • Utilizes a "how-to" skills approach for imaging peripheral nerves with ultrasound and understanding anatomic, clinical, electrodiagnostic, and imaging considerations for focal neuropathies
  • Thoroughly revised and updated Second Edition
  • New chapters on imaging muscle and ultrasound-guided procedure
  • Introduces ultra-high frequency imaging with many new sections covering less commonly scanned and smaller nerves
  • Incorporates brand new clinical cases throughout to survey an array of disorders and conditions including an extended series on foot drop
  • Includes hundreds of detailed anatomical drawings and state-of-the-art images with corresponding videos online
  • New audiovisual EMG waveforms provided by Ernest W. Johnson, MD
  • Purchase includes digital access for use on most mobile devices or computers