Augmentation Surgery: Biologic Principles,Surgical Techniques,Clinical Challenges







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Bone and soft tissue augmentation of the alveolar ridge is fairly unique in medicine, because true biologic regeneration of lost alveolar bone is achievable. With this book, the author makes a fine contribution to knowledge management and clinical judgment in this dynamic field. The book begins with the basics of jaw atrophy, biology of bone regeneration, and wound healing, as well as grafts and materials. Subsequent chapters cover standard augmentation techniques such as bone grafting and soft tissue management, fully explaining available augmentation techniques for even the most demanding surgeons. The final third of the book is dedicated to a clinical decision-making scheme for different situations, challenges in the esthetic region, posterior jaws, and fully edentulous ridges. The chapters are supplemented with step-by-step clinical cases that illustrate the respective topic in a clear and comprehensible way. The book aims to introduce general dentists to the field of bone and soft tissue augmentation. It also offers more experienced colleagues, including oral and maxillofacial surgeons, many practical tips, particularly with regard to complication management.