Manual of Neurocritical Care





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Quick Overview

Manual of Neurocritical Care is aimed to provide a ready-reckoner, and not a textbook, to fellowship students in neurocritical care and all trainees who encounter neuro cases in day-to-day management in their respective intensive care units (ICUs). It is a strictly practical document with minimal or no theory, and the information is provided in the form of flowcharts and algorithms, with a couple of explanatory paragraphs below it. To make the manual easy-to-read, we have attempted to produce a document with a uniform format and a unique style. Our main purpose in writing this manual is to spread knowledge in a nutshell regarding the common issues in neurocritical care.

Key Features

  • Discusses practical concepts of neurocritical care.
  • Focuses on the management of neurocritical care issues in a comprehensive manner.
  • Presents information in the form of flowcharts and algorithms, that is easy to read and implement.
  • Provides insight into all common problems in neuro-ICU, including day to day issues such as drop in sensorium, pupillary asymmetry, bradycardia, CSF leaks, urinary retention, etc.