Orthodontics in the Vertical Dimension: A Case-Based Review


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This case-based clinical text is an exhaustive review of orthodontic problems in the vertical dimension, with evidence-based guidelines for successful diagnosis and treatment. A total of 21 cases address dental deep bites, skeletal deep bites, dental open bites, skeletal open bites, and posterior open bites. Each case includes pretreatment, interim, and posttreatment orthodontic records, as well as references to provide a solid evidence base for decision making. Written with a clinical focus, Orthodontics in the Vertical Dimension is ideal for the practicing orthodontist and makes an excellent resource for residents in pursuit of board certification.

Key Features

• Detailed case-based scenarios for treatment of the spectrum of open bites and deep bites

• Cases presented in question and answer format to encourage thought

• 2500 clinical photographs and illustrations.

“This is a great textbook, and I will use it in my classes. Highly organized and elaborately illustrated, the authors’ work is inspired by problem-based learning and stimulates cognitive processes by encouraging critical thinking. Their text deserves a ‘must read’ category for orthodontic professionals of all ages.”

Preface vi

1 Foundations 1

The Spectrum of Vertical 1

Growth Foundations 24

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning Principles 31

2 Dental Deep Bites 66

Introduction 66

Case Andrew: Class II division 2 adolescent 91

Case Emma: Class II division 2 impacted canines missing premolar adolescent 125

3 Skeletal Deep Bites 143

Introduction 143

Case Adam: Class II division 1 adolescent 169

Case Valerie: Class II division 1 dental asymmetry adolescent 182

Case Shawn: Class III nearly complete lingual cross bite late adolescent 202

Case Megan: Class II division 2 left posterior cross bite maxillary / mandibular cants adult 217

Case Connie: Class II division 2 severe anterior attrition adult 240

4 Dental Anterior Open Bites 263

Introduction 263

Case Sasha: Class II division 1 subdivision right ADD with reduction and crepitus small maxillary

lateral incisors adult 276

Case Derrick: Class III anterior and posterior cross bite adolescent 283

Case Steven: Class II division 1 minimal posterior overjet adolescent 297

5 Skeletal Anterior Open Bites 309

Introduction 309

Case Emma: Class II division 1 anterior cross bite moderate to severe anterior crowding child 336

Case Rachael: Class II division 1 enlarged adenoids child 354

Case Kaylee: Class III left posterior cross bite late adolescent 371

Case Greg: Class II division 1 bilateral posterior cross bite multiple missing teeth adult 385

Case Ashley: Class II division 1 subdivision left anterior cross bite adult 409

Case Alyson: Class II division 1 right posterior cross bite mild adenoidal hypertrophy adult 429

6 Posterior Open Bites 457

Introduction 457

Case Mark: Class I child 472

Case George: Class II division 2 subdivision right sleep apnea adult 484

Case Kreslyn: Class III right Class II left bilateral posterior cross bite adult 495

Appendix 512

Cephalometrics Primer 512

Iowa AP Classification Primer 522

Tables for Reference 526

Abbreviations 527

Appendix References 528

Index 529