Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing (IE)


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封底附密碼函(僅提供Student resource線上資源,非電子書)

This student-driven textbook uses the nursing process framework and emphasizes therapeutic communication with examples and pharmacology throughout. Interventions focus on all aspects of client care, including communication, client and family education, and community resources, as well as their practical application in various clinical settings. The chapters are short, and the writing style is direct in order to facilitate reading comprehension and student learning.

  • New! Unfolding Patient Stories, written by the National League for Nursing, are an engaging way to begin meaningful conversations in the classroom.
  • Cartoon-like images to explain difficult concepts.
  • An in-book study guide, built into every chapter, provides questions to reinforce student learning and build clinical reasoning skills.
  • Watch and Learn icons identify disorders directly related to the online video series.
  • Therapeutic Communication Dialogues provide examples of nurse-client interactions to help students build skills in this vital aspect of mental health nursing.