Mucogingival Esthetic Surgery around Implants 2Vols





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This book masterfully illustrates the importance of soft tissues for the esthetic and functional success of implants. The authors trace their paths for each clinical scenario step by step and share how to master the technical management of the periodontal tissues. The proposed treatments combine innovative and traditional solutions to tackle every situation, including "impossible" clinical cases. This work represents an undisputed point of reference for peri-implant soft tissue surgery and offers a guided journey between biology, esthetics, and surgery. 1,100 pages in two volumes with slipcase. 6,557 illustrations. Contents : Volume 1: Chapter 01. Etiology and Classification of Peri-Implant Esthetic Defects Chapter 02. Prosthetic-Surgical Treatment of Peri-Implant Soft Tissue Dehiscences Chapter 03. Harvest of a Connective Tissue Graft Chapter 04. Implant Replacement in the Esthetic Zone Chapter 05. Mucogingival Approach for Implant Placement to Replace a Single Tooth in the Esthetic Area Chapter 06. Mucogingival Approach for Delayed Implant Placement Chapter 07. Mucogingival Approach for the Immediate Postextraction Implant Volume 2: Chapter 08. Soft Tissue Management in Non-Esthetic Areas Chapter 09. Mucogingival Approach for the Replacement of a Tooth Extracted for Periodontal Reasons Chapter 10. Mucogingival Approach to Multiple Tooth Replacement with Dental Implants Chapter 11. Soft Tissue Management at the Second-Stage Surgery Chapter 12. Soft Tissue Management in Complex Cases Chapter 13. Esthetic Evaluation of Implant-Prosthetic Therapy