Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Head and Neck Cancer Patients





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The management of malignant tumors associated with the maxilla, tongue, floor of the mouth, mandible, and adjacent structures represents a difficult challenge for the surgical specialist and prosthodontist regarding both control of the primary disease and rehabilitation following surgical treatment. Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Head Neck Cancer Patients is an easy-to-read clinical guide covering the latest multidisciplinary approaches to the treatment of head and neck cancers — from effective surgical management to psychosocial aspects and improved quality of life.

  • Discusses rehabilitation of various defects in the head neck region due to surgical resection of tumors with newly available technology.
  • Covers interdisciplinary surgical management, including both prosthetic treatment and psychosocial management related to craniomaxillofacial rehabilitation, with a focus on improving patients’ quality of life.
  • Offers a multidisciplinary approach with valuable contributions from a variety of specialists with experience in head and neck cancer rehabilitation.