KNV's Manual of Clinical Neurology








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Quick Overview

This Manual of Neurology was brought out to help the students understand the concepts of the subject better and revise the subject during the examinations with the help of “mnemonics”. But compromising the contents at the expense of aide memoire is otiose. The manual is meant as a supplement and not a substitute to the standard texts. This manual also substantiates the fact that clinical neurology is paramount and exemplary and minor abnormalities that occur in the extensive investigations do not fully explain the patient’s illness and at times tend to mislead the physicians.

Key Features

  • This manual provides an essential knowledge of Clinical Neurology for the exam-going postgraduates in Medicine.
  • In the present era of modern technologies that have made tremendous strides, this manual strives to inculcate the basic, time-honored methods of history taking and clinical examination into the minds of students to deduce a logical diagnosis, thus serving as a very useful revision tool.
  • The basis and interpretation of each clinical sign are explained in detail.
  • Applied Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology have been incorporated for better understanding.
  • The highlights are self-explanatory figures.
  • The questions in Clinical Neurology such as ""is there a lesion; where is the lesion; what is the lesion; why is the lesion, and what is to be done"" find suitable answers.
  • Mnemonics form the highlight of this manual, which are given in color or in italics each topic, to enable students to recapitulate the subject with ease.
  • Selected topics will also be of use to the undergraduates.
  • Recent advances in the therapy have been briefly touched upon.
  • Several syndromes mentioned in the manual come under""nice to know"" category.