Manual of Dermatology in General Practice








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Quick Overview

The second edition of this book presents a thorough overview of dermatological conditions, encompassing their symptoms and the latest advancements in diagnosis and treatment. It delves into a wide array of topics, ranging from common conditions to rare diseases and complex dermatological cases. Detailed descriptions, illustrations, and photographs of dermatological conditions are provided to empower professionals, enabling them to enhance their diagnostic skills with confidence. The book also offers guidance on distinguishing between similar-looking skin conditions by understanding their clinical presentations and utilizing appropriate diagnostic tools.

Key Features

  • Over 900 vivid color photographs capturing diverse skin conditions: Common, rare, typical, and atypical.
  • Up-to-date coverage of new and emerging skin diseases cutaneous manifestations.
  • Streamlined approach for easy diagnosis and treatment in clinical practice.
  • Incorporates new treatment modalities based on the latest clinical findings and treatment guidelines.
  • Concise yet comprehensive overview of key clinical features, etiology, prognosis, and the latest therapeutic approaches.