Anatomy and Physiology: From Science to Life(ISE)


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Anatomy and Physiology: From Science to Life, 3e builds on the success of its prior editions in providing solutions to recurring issues in A&P education – how to better motivate students and help them make the connection to what is important going forward; how to get students to see the forest for the trees; how to help students who lack study and critical thinking skills when they enter the course to succeed disjointed facts. The entire text is focused on aiding critical thinking, conceptual understanding, and relevant application of knowledge when studying Anatomy and Physiology. From Science to Life, 3e effectively blends print and media to bring the content to life for students. The conceptual focus allows for fewer pages in the printed text, making the text less intimidating to the uninitiated student. Our unique use of a running clinical case throughout each chapter motivating and helping students build critical thinking skills. Accompanying media allows for a richer investigation of the content presented in the printed text, provides useful “background” knowledge, and ensures the students a solid reference resource when the course is complete.

Table of Contents
1 An Introduction to the Human Body
2 Chemistry
3 Cells
4 The Tissue Level of Organization BODY SYSTEMS
5 The Integumentary System
6 Introduction to the Skeletal System
7 The Axial Skeleton
8 The Appendicular Skeleton
9 Articulations
10 Muscle Tissue
11 The Muscular System
12 Introduction to the Nervous System
13 The Central Nervous System
14 The Peripheral Nervous System
15 Sensory, Motor, and Integrative Systems
16 The Special Senses
17 The Endocrine System
18 The Cardiovascular System: The Blood
19 The Cardiovascular System: The Heart
20 The Cardiovascular System: Blood Vessels and Hemodynamics
21 The Lymphatic and Immune Systems
22 The Respiratory System
23 The Digestive System
24 The Urinary System
25 The Reproductive Systems