*Comprehensive Management of Head and Neck Cancer








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Quick Overview

Head and neck cancer is an excellent example of a specialty that requires a multidisciplinary approach at every level-prior to diagnosis, through treatment and during rehabilitation. In addition to having a collaborative mindset, this also means that practitioners need to have a working knowledge of various specialties in relation to head and neck cancer. This textbook attempts to summarize relevant concepts and information while covering topics in enough detail to cater to higher trainees and practitioners.

Key Features

  • Written by practitioners and academicians, this volume comprises 46 detailed chapters, each written as a systematic review of landmark and contemporary literature with multiple figures and images to improve comprehension.
  • Traditional topics like management of the neck and carcinoma of unknown primary have been revisited with various guidelines and algorithmic approaches.
  • Newer concepts like personalized medicine and robotic surgery have been covered in detail.
  • Reconstructive surgery following ablation of head and neck cancer is covered in extensive detail with five chapters, including facial nerve reanimation.
  • Chapters covering rehabilitation of head and neck cancer patients written by subject experts have been included along with detailed chapters covering nutrition, anesthesia, pain management, psycho-oncology, dental oncology and nuclear medicine.
  • It covers management and treatment principles from a basic level to state-of-the-art, while offering available evidence with consensus guidelines wherever possible.