*Principles and Practice of Operative Dentistry: A Modern Approach



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Book Description

Operative dentistry has witnessed tremendous changes in the past few decades. These changes have become even more apparent since the first edition of this book, published in 1997. The management of dental caries is undergoing a paradigm shift. There have been numerous developments in the area of dentin bonding, while the demand for esthetic dentistry has continued to rise. All these factors have impacted on the contemporary practice of operative dentistry. This second edition aims to integrate these innovations in a book that is easy to read.

Most other operative dentistry textbooks are often too voluminous for most students and busy dental practitioners. Throughout the text, the description of each operative procedure is preceded by a discussion of the underlying principles. A step-by-step description of the techniques is included. It is recognized that there are several techniques available for each operative procedure, but this book describes the one that, in the extensive experience of the authors, is known to be within the competence of the novice dental student, and feasible in most general dental practices. In describing the clinical procedures, the concept of minimally invasive dentistry has been taken into consideration.

The book is amply illustrated by many color photographs, some line diagrams, and radiographs, with emphasis on color photographs of actual clinical cases. Thus, the student is in a position to appreciate the feasibility of the techniques described in the book.

Apart from dental students and general dental practitioners, this book is suitable for auxiliary dental staff, and for other medical workers who may wish to obtain information on aspects of operative dentistry.


01. Dental caries
02. Operative dental practice
03. Instruments used in operative dentistry
04. Bonding to enamel and dentin
05. Pulp protection from injury
06. Direct tooth-colored restorations
07. Amalgam restorations
08. Management of discolored teeth
09. Indirect intracoronal restorations
10. Management of root-filled teeth