*Textbook of Biochemistry for Dental Students





Vasudevan / Jaypee



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The contents of Fourth edition of Textbook of Biochemistry for Dental Students have been updated or added, while deleting some irrelevant points from the previous edition. Moreover, important points are shown in bold letters, to aid in memorization. Many of the figures have been improved and some tables were also corrected. There are about 400 figures and 150 tables, altogether making the book more student friendly.

Key Features :

  • Revised and updated with relevant content.
  • Learning objectives provided in the beginning of each chapter.
  • Important points are made into bold letters.
  • Many figures and tables have been improved.
  • Enriched with 400 figures and 150 tables.
  • Every chapter ends with ‘A Quick Look’ providing point-wise summary of the chapter for last minute revision.
  • Must-know points are highlighted in boxes for special focus.
  • For exam preparation, Question Bank and Clinical Case Studies are compiled at the end of the book.