Study Guide to Introductory Psychiatry: A Companion to Textbook of Introductory Psychiatry



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The Study Guide to Introductory Psychiatry is a companion to the bestselling Introductory Textbook of Psychiatry, 6th edition, the preeminent textbook that introduces medical and mental health students to the field. The Study Guide comprises more than 360 questions representing the most important information in each of the texts 21 chapters. The guides organization reflects the texts structure, with the questions grouped by chapter and followed by an answer guide, also grouped by chapter, which repeats each question and then provides the answer, along with an explanation to put the answer in context and the corresponding page numbers in the textbook where the reader can find additional information. The questions have been written to provide emphasis and clarity to the major clinical issues described in the text and present learners with the opportunity to test their command of the facts. For this reason, the guide is particularly recommended for medical students, beginning psychiatry residents, and those studying for their board exams. The sixth edition of Introductory Textbook of Psychiatry is notable for its DSM-5® compatibility, information on interviewing and assessment, and memorable case vignettes. The Study Guide ensures that readers identify, comprehend, and remember the most important points on these and other topics, enhancing the educational experience and facilitating mastery of the material.