Genetic Counseling: Clinical and Laboratory Approach





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Quick Overview

The book encompasses several aspects of human genetics, including intellectual disability, autism, learning disability, pregnancy losses, infertility, congenital birth defects, neuromuscular conditions, inherited cancers and more, which is spanned over 36 chapters. the book attempts to translate complex clinical investigations and superspecialty tests into simple, understandable text and positively impact the doctor-patient dynamic.

Key Features

  • Exclusively devoted to the principles and practices in genetic counseling and gives a snapshot about basic genetics, risk prediction, counseling, laboratory diagnostics, treatment, advances in technology and therapeutic options. It also provides insights into the skills and essentials for genetic counseling by comprehensively describing the process of building a composite picture from what is available and what may be made available through genetic tests.
  • Full of information with oozing facts and data on genetics and counseling, this book offers solutions to various counseling dilemmas currently prevalent across all clinical backgrounds.
  • The interesting cases outlined in each chapter walk readers through different stages of counseling from case initiation until completion. It is a very modern Indianized approach to genetic counseling with recent updates in the field. The book highlights how genomic information can be integrated into regular day-to-day clinical practice to enhance patient care.
  • Comprised of 36 chapters contributed by the experts in different genetic fields relevant in clinical practice and we believe, would ignite a spark among students, medical professionals, trainees and aspiring counselors. It is a book of know-hows and savor in itself.