Compression Textiles for Medical, Sports, and Allied Applications





Kankariya / CRC



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Paperback:190 pages

Textile-based compression therapy is used in a range of applications, such as for athlete and sport recovery, enhanced proprioception, compression spacesuits, and in the management of chronic diseases. This book provides an overview of compression devices and products, testing methods to measure the properties of materials used in compression devices, and design considerations based on dynamic body measurements. It also includes a model for predicting pressure and details the challenges in applying compression for various applications.

Chapters in this book:

  • Discuss the science behind compression therapy
  • Delve into the materials used in compression devices and products and assesses their performance based on their properties and structure
  • Cover theoretical modeling to predict the pressure exerted by compression devices on the human body
  • Consider compression textile design based on dynamic body measurements

This book is aimed at professionals and researchers in textile engineering, materials engineering, biotechnology, and the development of textile-based compression devices and products, and at such medical practitioners as phlebologists.