Health Care Ethics and the Law





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2024 / 2

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Health Care Ethics and the Law is a comprehensive, practical resource designed for those preparing for a career in healthcare management. In 16 chapters, the text explains and illustrates ethical principles and their application in the real world, including material that is consistently cited by the U.S. Supreme Court and the nation’s highest appellate courts. The book also explores substantive theories of classic ethicists in the Western world, along with current scholarly literature from the nation’s leading ethicists. The authors seamlessly integrate ethical and legal concepts without overwhelming the reader with philosophies and theory. With an emphasis on interpretation, insight, and ideas, Health Care Ethics and the Law guides healthcare professionals through the ethical decisions they will face in their everyday professional lives. Key Features: - Presents ethical dilemmas based on actual court cases in each chapter that let the reader decide the best course of action. - Includes a comprehensive set of accompanying Ethical Dilemma PowerPoints for each chapter that review the case, provide context and guiding discussion questions that engage the reader in understanding - Addresses the ethical and health law issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. - Explains current and future trends in health care ethics and the law. - Examines actual court decisions recently decided by the U.S. Supreme Court and the nation’s highest appellate courts. - Includes Navigate eBook access (with the printed text) providing readers with convenient online or offline access to the digital text and additional resources from their computer, tablet, or mobile device.